About Becoming Financial


Becoming Financial was started in 2017 to redirect the future of personal financial planning.

What makes our group unique is our motto: Develop Financial Character™. 

At Becoming Financial, we help you build a dynamic and empowering financial plan that works to get you to where you want to be financially. 

Everyone’s financial journey is unique, and we are here to help you curate yours. 


A process or system characterized by constant change, activity, or progress. Your budgeting goals should remain constant, but your plan should evolve. That is why our logo has the tree rings because we know that financial planning is a process.


The process of deciding on and arranging in advance. We see money as a tool. The more tools you have the more prepared you will be for life’s challenges or opportunities. Betting is hoping that you’re right, and gambling is purely entertainment.

As financial advisors, we don’t to bet on our client’s future, we help make plans. BF is there to grow with you as you work to realize the goals of your future. The plans may change – several times – but there will always be a plan for whatever may come next.


The process of becoming stronger & more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights. BF believes in empowering you with financial education and knowledge to be able to assist you get to where you want to be.

As our clients build ownership in their plan, our clients gain confidence in their future. We encourage everyone begin as early as possible so they have even more choices in their lifetime regardless of the circumstances. Our goal is to move from creating the plan for our clients to empowering our clients so they can feel like they own the plan and we help.

Our Team

Isaiah Goodman Headshot


Isaiah was born in Colorado Springs, CO and grew up in Richfield, MN. After graduating with honors from Washington and Lee University, Isaiah started working in frozen foods at Target corp. He started as a business analyst running a $150M per year inventory business, and moved on to training and facilitating new hires as they were onboarded to Target.

After working at Target for about 2.5 years, Isaiah joined the world of financial planning. He worked at Northwestern Mutual for 5 years before creating Becoming Financial in 2017. He is a Certified Financial Education Professional TM and a dynamic speaker who loves to empower others and help them think about becoming better every single day.

Isaiah has been married to his wife Sarah since 2012. They reside in Maple Grove, MN and at home they are joined by their children Crue, Lakely, Waverly, and Rhodes, and dog Marshall.

Jenna Truong Headshot


Jenna was raised in Albany, Minnesota and currently lives in Roseville, MN.  She graduated from Northwestern University and completed her MBA in 2016.  In her spare time she and her husband love to ballroom dance and travel the world with their son.  


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Any Questions?

We’re a retainer based firm and we base those fees on the amount of time and research dedicated to build a plan for a client. A fee is charged on an initial financial plan. We have several packages to accommodate for where different clients may be at this time. We are compensated as a broker for subsequent transactions on insurance or investment placements. So there is no charge for our first meeting. but once we decide to work together, there is an charge for the retainer. To make things easier we have several payment options to fit into your budget.

Financial planning is the development of a plan for evaluating a client’s current financial situation, identifying areas of need, and planning for future life events. Wealth management typically only focuses specifically on investment management. Financial planning includes estate planning, insurance & asset protection, investments, and cash flow management. We offer our services as a package to those who can’t take the time to do it themselves.

A financial advisor is a trained specialist who helps clients make good financial decisions. These decisions often include, but are not limited to, choosing good insurance policies and investments. From retirement planning to insurance coverage advice to tax and debt reduction strategies. In turn this typically reduces a lot of stress! Becoming Financial can help clients in every phase of their financial lives.

If you feel too busy to do your financial planning, BF is the right place for you! We know that life is stressful and chaotic. And the more that we procrastinate doing our financial planning, the bigger of a deal it becomes. Right? Our mission is to allow our clients to finally use money as it was intended, to help them grow and develop into the type of people they want to BECOME.

There is no better time than now to start. Even if you come to meet with us to lay out a timeline, you will be one step closer! Generally we’ve found on average the entire time committed to on-boarding on our client’s behalf is less than 8 hours in total! That includes 3-4 meetings, following up with account information, insurance exams & applications, and investment calls & paperwork. Would you be willing to take one working day to begin setting up the rest of your life financially!?

Anyone, any age looking at their financial future can benefit from working with a good financial advisor either periodically or on a regular basis. We generally work with Business Professionals who may feel like the candle is burning at both ends. With that being said, BF serves people at all income levels and from all walks of life. The most important quality of our clients is that they want to grow personally, and they understand that having money is not the goal, using money to improve their life is the goal!

Did you know that Section 212 of the Internal Revenue Code permits an itemized deduction for tax and/or investment advice in the miscellaneous section of Schedule A? If you didn’t, maybe you should come meet with us!

It is very important to us to educate our clients so they can make well informed decisions. The facts and features of a product are important, but the most critical part of a financial plan is that you know how and why we decide to do what we do and that everything aligns with your values. We will take the time to be certain that you feel proud of your situation and would be able explain your financial situation to someone else.

Account statements, budget information or other areas of your financial picture that you feel deserve immediate attention.

Also, please consider some of the following questions: How comfortable or confident are you with your current financial situation? How about the future? What things would you like to change? Where can you use the most help? What are your most important financial goals? What do you hope to accomplish financially within the next year or two? The next 5 years? 10 years? 25 years?

We believe that you should judge performance based on how well you are tracking toward your goals. To measure that well usually requires that both your BF advisor and you are taking the actions we’ve modeled and planned together. You will be able to log onto RightCapital to check all your financial plan and all assets and liabilities. The website updates daily so we don’t have to wait for quarterly statements or guess account values.

No, that is just the beginning! Our clients are on a journey of BECOMING! We review their life plans once per year, and their financial plans at least once per year. Some clients may want more meetings, and we will adjust fees for time needed. If any questions or follow ups are created in between, we are here to service our clients right away.

Becoming Financial Advisory Services
Privacy Policy
Information Collected and Shared
The privacy policy statement is given to clients at the initial signing of the client contract and mailed or emailed with client consent once annually, if the policy is updated. The CCO will document the date the privacy policy was delivered to each client for each year if an annual delivery is required. BFAS collects non-public personal information about clients from the following sources:
 Information it receives from them on applications or other forms;
 Information about their transactions with BFAS or others; and
 Information it receives from a consumer reporting agency.
Below are the reasons for which BFAS may share a client’s personal information:
 With specific third parties as requested by the client (see Sample 11);
 For everyday business purposes – such as to process client transactions, maintain client account(s), respond to court orders and legal investigations, or report to credit bureaus;
 For marketing by BFAS – to offer BFAS’s products and services to clients;
If a client decides to close his or her account(s) or becomes an inactive customer, BFAS will adhere to the privacy policies and practices as described in this Policies and Procedures manual, as updated.
BFAS uses various methods to store and archive client files and other information. Third party services or contractors used have been made aware of the importance BFAS places on both firm and client information security. BFAS also restricts access to clients’ personal and account information to those employees who need to know that information to provide products or services to its clients. In addition to electronic protection, procedural safeguards, and personnel measures, BFAS has implemented reasonable physical security measures at its home office location
The names of BFAS’s current and former access persons can be found in Exhibit 2.
In addition to BFAS’s listed access persons, any IT persons or other technical consultants employed at the firm may also have access to non-public client information at any time. An on-site or off-site server that stores client information, third-party software that generates statements or performance reports, or third-party client portals designed to store client files all hold the potential for a breach of non-public client information.

To mitigate a possible breach of the private information, BFAS uses encryption software on all computers and carefully evaluates any third-party providers, employees, and consultants with regard to their security protocols, privacy policies, and/or security and privacy training.
The system is tested and monitored at least annually.
The test conducted by the CCO will include the following activities:
 Attempt to access a random sample of firm devices to ensure that proper passwords are in place to prevent access;
 Attempt to access users’ accounts with the proper password to ensure that two-factor authentication prevents system access; and
 Attempt to restore a sample of files and records to ensure that the restoration process is sufficient and properly configured.
The results from the annual test will be documented and utilized as an opportunity to update the Cyber Security & Information Security Policy.
Identity Theft
The SEC and CFTC (U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission), and many state regulators, have published rules concerning identity theft encouraging or requiring investment advisers to train firm personnel to recognize “red flags” in this area. While many of these provisions are also covered in the firm’s broader privacy and AML policies, the list below is a brief non-exhaustive listing of the items and information that all BFAS personnel should monitor to guard against any breach of a client’s identity:
 Individual client’s social security numbers
 Corporate or other entity client’s tax identification numbers
 Individual driver’s license number or other personal identification card
 Passport numbers
 Financial account numbers (credit card, bank, investment, etc.) and any accompanying passwords or access codes
 Loss of theft of computers and/or other equipment
 Hacking of computer networks
 Inadvertent exposure of client information to unauthorized individuals (non-locked files, files left on desk, cleaning services, shredding services, etc.)
 Physical break-ins / theft
BFAS personnel are instructed to notify and report to the firm’s CCO, or other designated principal, if they detect or have reason to believe that any of the above shown red flag activities may have occurred or if any of the red flag information listed may have been stolen or leaked by any firm personnel. The CCO or principal is then tasked with investigating the report and taking appropriate actions. The non-exhaustive list of possible follow-up actions includes notification of the parties involved, notification of appropriate regulatory officials if required, taking remedial actions to assist in the recovery of the stolen information, and possible sanctions of firm personnel if deemed necessary.
Staff Training
On an annual basis, BFAS will conduct a firm-wide training session to ensure that staff members are properly trained and equipped to implement the above policies. New staff members will receive training, led by the CCO, within one (1) month of their initial hire date.
BFAS will retain records for at least 5 years after the year in which the record was produced, or as otherwise required by law. With respect to disposal of non-public personal information, BFAS will take reasonable measures to protect against unauthorized access to or use of such information in connection with its disposal.
BFAS takes the privacy and confidentiality of all its clients and personnel very seriously. It will continue to make, and document, any changes needed to promote the security non-public information.

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