Develop Financial Character

Becoming Satisfied: Building Up Credit

Woohoo! You are online applying for your first credit card; you can’t wait to receive that shiny new card in the mail so you can take yourself on a well-deserved shopping spree. But then…your application is declined. 

Becoming Celebrated: Spend Down and Income Planning

Have you ever heard someone talk about having their "number" for retirement? 

Becoming Noteworthy: Business Incorporation and Cashflow


Becoming Enlightened: Financial Statements and Documents

One thing that schools actually do teach about money is financial documents. The tough thing is that typically it's only taught in college level classes that focus on business management or accounting.

Becoming Covered:Group Benefits Maximization

What is one of the toughest parts of starting a new job? Is it the new commute to work? Is it the social awkwardness of not knowing whom to sit with at lunch time? No. It’s the sign-up for group benefits.

Becoming Investment Savvy: Investments 202

This is the follow up to our Investments 101.

Becoming Celebrated: Updating your Will

We hope that you enjoyed Father's day! It's been awkward for me since my father passed away in 2012. I'm blessed to be a dad, so I think about some of the things that he did for me, but also some of the things he forgot.

Becoming Proactive: Inflation

Inflation comes from the latin "inflationem" meaning a puffing up or blowing into. Or flatulence, lol!

Becoming Noteworthy: Buy-Sell Agreements

Imagine this... 

Becoming Aware: What is a Fiduciary?

How many people have you seen online talking about money? 5, 10, 100?