Develop Financial Character

Becoming Empowered: Building a Realistic Budget - The Flex | Flow Way

Almost 1/4 of American adults cannot cover their current month's bills in full. Read that again! Now I know there are a ton of things that go into that…Low Wages, racial inequity, people with disabilities and more. Adjusting for that, I think its’ still fair to say that millions of people have a problem with the "B" [...]

Becoming One: Money and Relationships

Money is one of those things we don't like to talk about. People can feel embarrassed or ashamed because they feel like they don't have enough or because they don't know enough about it. One of the biggest issues with money is with intimate relationships. We've all heard that money is the number one reason for divorce. [...]

Becoming: A Cash-Flow Pro

Be honest – when you hear this question, what is the first answer that pops into your head? “What would help you with your budget?” Most people say “If I made more money” Sometimes I hear “If I spent less.” Sometimes... Why is it so hard for those of us in the US to manage money? We’re taught to work hard, get good [...]

Becoming Celebrated: Estate Planning

We hope you had a happy Martin Luther King Jr day! What a legacy he has. He will forever be remembered for his values and principles. He made a profound impact on the United States and World!  Most of us may not leave a legacy as renowned as MLK, but we do want to be remembered in a positive light by those whom we came [...]

Becoming Goal Oriented: Planning Your Goals

Welcome to the blog! We will cover tons of different financial and personal development topics over time. Everything from budgeting to insurance, to retirement and estate planning. I’ll be giving my thoughts, ideas, tips & tricks on everything money.   Just so you know, you can check out the about me page to find out [...]