Who Do We Work With?

We Are Helping People Improve Their Financial Health. We help you understand your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs about money and financial planning. Then we do our analysis and provide you with knowledge, education and solutions. Finally we help you change your habits, environment and behaviors around financial planning. Combined with world-class products and solutions you can be confident on your new path for who you are becoming.

Professionals & Families on the rise.

We love to help up and coming professionals set themselves and their families up for success in the first half of their careers. For our single clients we help them put the framework in place to ensure they are on the right path. A lot of our clients work in a corporate job and have a family. It seems that everyone is dealing with things like pet sitting, childcare, mortgage or rent payments, making dinner, children’s or networking events, work trips, and trying to have a few minutes to just to relax! Where can they find time to look through all the corporate jargon of benefits and retirement? That’s where Becoming Financial can help sift through what you really want and need, while helping develop your financial character for whom you want to become.

Entrepreneurs & Career Changers

The “gig economy” is becoming more and more prevalent! According to a 2016 study by economists from Harvard and Princeton, during the Obama presidential administration 94% of all jobs created were contractor roles without benefits. We love to help families and individuals smooth out their cash flow, plan for emergencies, and start to get all the benefits they would have at a “regular” job.

We also have helped many clients as they cross over to the entrepreneurial path. We love to provide ongoing planning and advice for our clients whom are very close to transitioning out of one career and into another. We’ve heard that delegating some of the financial planning like searching for insurance and investment strategies helps set our client’s minds at ease.

Business Owners | Small Businesses

Whether your company has 500 employees or 1, there are going to be challenges unique to being a business owner. We are here to delegate some of the longer term financial planning. We can take away some of the worry as we plan towards the most certainty you can provide for yourself and family with new goals on the horizon. You know the products and industry you love, we know how to help make sure your company is financially sound and ready to outlast your competition.

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